The new innovation pursuit- extending the connected difference


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We need to discover the new innovation pursuit; connecting, coherent and collaborative for customers to be provided seamless experiences

The pursuit of the ‘holy grail’ of business – is offering coherent, connected customer-facing solutions – will increasingly only be achieved through a combination effect of broader collaboration, working in ecosystems arrangements and coordinated through a platform design.

It is through this ‘combination effect’ there is further potential to deliver innovation that solves existing need or uncovers unmet ones that advance on the existing solutions in unexpected ways. Ones that can improve productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, taking the complexity out of our existing lives, giving us new experiences we connect into and highly value for what they provide and solve. (think Apple, Social Networks, Amazon, Uber or AirBnB)

The whole combination of crowds, customers, collaborators, competition, and co-creators can define and reshape complete offerings that are often unthinkable when you are operating in individual ways, so the potential to achieve a different scale, access, and engagement can be made. In our view

Innovation ecosystems can radically alter the value proposition.

The transforming needed will be significant for all involved, it involves significant changes but holds the promise of the end result and necessity, to deliver the higher innovation premium for the disruptions this entails. Some will recognize the imperative to make this shift, others will be incapable. Ecosystems and platforms are a place where you can share risks but build more radically designed solutions, built by a group of collaborators united in the shared goal, in the promise of what it brings.

Today, in our abilities to have constant exchanges between builders and users, often in real-time exchanges, can feed the ecosystem that essential knowledge and insight needed. These insights will fuel the curiosity for exploring future innovation value and through the engagement platform, where collaborators, sharing in common purpose, can then be orchestrated through the platform approach, to achieve far more complex and valued innovations.

This set of interactions can look to achieve continuous innovation advancement, from within the ecosystem community meeting customer needs, strengthening the existing value propositions with the objective of ongoing power of engagement.

Our opportunity is to capitalize on the connected difference

Innovation has the real opportunity to change and respond; in connecting products, services, and business models as they are all going to be challenged as part of the way to meet changing customer needs. To fully tap into customers you need a platform for engagement and exchange, you need to understand what they are wanting and this is increasingly moving towards seamless experiences  and engagement.

It is through the connectivity across a community, that can deliver more complex solutions that will deliver on a connected difference and this is where the ecosystem thinking comes in for this ‘connected difference”







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