Mapping our Innovation Future through Ecosystems and Platform Design

Why do we need a new innovation architecture?

We are witnessing a very radical change, driven by technology, increasingly disrupting and breaking down the past traditional boundaries and market positions of many incumbant organizations. Mostly these were built so as to defend positions to achieve and maintain economic scale. There is a new economic logic to build even greater scale through technology design, it involves greater complexity, yet its value proposition is to strive towards offering greater customer experience and satisfaction. The solutions are valued far higher, in social and economic value. We need to recognize this is a new business model design with the arrival of engagement platforms that connect all the ecosystem of partners in its design, to gain this scale and value.

A new economic logic that get closer to the connected customer expectations and daily needs for innovative solutions to solve, in ways far better than that are being presently being offered. Connecting technology, digital and human understanding brings radically different soutions. A different innovative design has become paramount to these new offerings, so they can be capitalized upon, releasing this increased value creation understanding of opportunities.

The market dynamics are also changing; we are seeing greater disruption and blurring of traditional boundaries of competition, yet the reality is that innovation systems, structures and processes are badly lagging, in design and approach, to react and respond to this new dynamic. A dynamic where the start up can undermind the established encumbant, mostly large organizations that are less nimble and agile, in radically different and dramatic ways, in short time frames, from pilot, testing to scaling those solutions, moving them from local to global through the power of technology applications. Continue reading

The Emerging World of Connected Industrial Ecosystems

Whenever I seem to read about Platforms and Ecosystems, it mostly seems to relate to technology-led organizations and how they are continuing to connect us all up in our private lives. We get offered, as leading examples of the disruption that occurs and the connected value, the likes of Uber, Facebook, Apple etc., all bringing new value to transform our world.

Yet for me, the area that is shifting as dramatically is where Industrial organizations are providing platform solutions to solve industrial problems. Good examples are Bosch, Siemens, GE and Schneider Electrics. They are transforming their solutions and clients businesses, through offering digital on top of the existing products, in some highly impressive ways. They are focusing on connecting up their solutions into their client network on platforms to build the industrial internet.

The building of these platforms has taken priority within specific industries to master and progressively transform their business, into a digital connected one. This seems to me, to be so much harder than those like Facebook, Google or Uber. Industrial solutions have had to deal with legacy “big time,” overcome entrenched positions or views and begin to collaborate in highly sophisticated ways, with often very demanding and sometimes, skeptical clients. Continue reading